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Greetings! Welcome to my website. I’m a Residential Project Manager, Construction Design Professional, Team Builder and Team Leader who is constantly growing my personal and professional capabilities. I learned the art of Project Management and Team Building almost 30 years ago when I became Vice President of Field Operations for a national executive portrait and publishing company and have found these skills to be valuable in every aspect of my life.

My husband Greg and I completed our first custom home in Truckee, CA in 1984. We’ve been working together designing and building quality homes ever since. I received my certificate in design in 1992.

In 1994, my husband and I took a step toward our goal of helping to build the community we live in by establishing Suncrest Builders, Inc, a full service Design-Build Project Management and Construction Company. We specialize in innovative design, energy efficiency and efficient use of space and materials.

Spending most of my life in the construction industry, I’ve seen the best of times and the worst of times. Some of the worst situations were between good folks who became distrustful due to poor communication. Some of the worst situations were due to good, trusting folks embarking on a project with less than adequate global information.

If you are looking for “How-To-Build”  information, or “Owner Builder” help, you are probably going to be disappointed, but what you will find here is information that will help you to achieve your big picture goals. My goal through this blog is to share the knowledge I’ve gained in order to help average homeowners make the most educated choices possible regarding who to contract with, how to contract, comparing bids, weigh choices for value vs. investments made, professional resources to access, design and material selections that add the most value, etc. By providing information that I’ve gained through my experience and the experience of other professionals in related fields, I believe I can help to facilitate a successful platform that will lead to a successful outcome for all involved with a home remodel, renovation, or new construction project.

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  1. August 3, 2012 1:40 pm

    Perhaps you can enlighten me on this question
    Which from a cost/effectivess viewpoint is better
    ICF walls and a SIP roof or a SIP wall &roof property?
    From where I am standing I prefer the SIP solution
    Concrete is expensive and ICF does not insulate as well as SIP
    Obviously that can be fixed but that means another cost
    The only other reason one would use ICF is wind resistance
    How does SIP figure on that front?
    I like your site

    • August 11, 2012 2:13 pm

      Hi Dave. Thank you very much for your comment. Very glad I’ve been able to provide some helpful information for you. The preference for SIPs vs. ICF walls is very site and project specific. We have used ICF for earth shelter construction and been pleased with the result. For above ground, what you say is entirely correct. SIPs are excellent in windy areas like where we live; the eastern face of the Sierra Nevada. An older gentleman who lives in a SIP home we built is always asking us, “did you hear that wind last night?” When told, of course!, he loves being able to reply, “Well we didn’t!!”

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