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May 6, 2015



Greetings to all of you who have been following me for several years, or are just finding my site for the first time. After many months of careful contemplation, I’ve decided to merge my Sustainable Home Contracting Help blog with our company website Suncrest Builders. All the articles you can find here, plus more are on our main site for these topics:

  • Insured Property Loss
  • Material Knowledge
  • Organizing Your Design
  • Getting More Value For Your Investment
  • The Construction Team
  • Contracts

Although I’m always writing as a design-build contractor with my own set of experiences, I will continue to write posts that are as relevant and helpful as possible to a wide range of homeowners: not only for the friends and clients of Suncrest Builders. It is evident that although there are a lot of blogs and articles for DIY work to be done on your property, I don’t find any more information about the topics I’ve selected for this website than I did back in 2012 when I first started writing!

In addition, if you are most interested in:

  • Sustainable design
  • Off-grid home design
  • Renewable technologies
  • Green and sustainable building products
  • Rural home construction

You’ll find many articles on our Envirohaven Sustainable Housing Solutions site.

I found it very difficult to spend the time needed to write quality posts with information that is as helpful relevant as possible while maintaining the 3 different sites.

Thank you for choosing to spend a bit of your valuable time reading my posts. I hope that you are able to take a few moments and check out our either, or both, of our other websites where I will continue to write on the topics that come to my attention from questions and comments sent to me as well as situations I run into as I go about my work of helping people turn their dreams into a home that they love to spend time in.

In Gratitude,


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